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Suzhou Jimi Nuo Instrument Co., Ltd. is located in the very attractive Paradise - Jiangsu Suzhou City, the company specialized in the thermostatic device, the former processing equipment for research, design, manufacturing and sales of 1 is a science and technology innovation as the purpose of the business. Jimmy Nokia has always adhered to the "integrity" principle, focus on product design and manufacturing process to create high-quality, high-tech, high-performance instruments to science and technology, quality, safety, performance, service corporate culture. The company has strong autonomous research and development team for bringing together the flow of 1 domestic and foreign laboratory instruments of R&D staff, and with domestic famous universities, scientific research institutes, on the establishment of a long-term cooperation between the instruments of technical innovation, quality improvements provide good technical support, and indemnification.


Jimmy Nokia has an extensive sales and after-sales management system, is currently being set up offices in major cities and after-sale services engineering, actively seeking more partner team, and to devote wholeheartedly to the customer service and continuous toward sample processing and training in the field of higher level, to provide more quality products and after-sale service system for agriculture, food, chemical, biological pharmacy, new energy, hospitals, universities, research institutes and other industries offer a complete lab solution.


The current m products is mainly divided into liquid heated test, heated auxiliary test, Molecular heated with 3 major categories of liquid heated main test precision thermostat circular groove, low-temperature controlled slot, low temperature coolant circulating pump, oil temperature thermostat, high and low temperature controlled slot, the cooling water cycle, cooling water recirculation system; Heated auxiliary test equipment with cooling water cycle, recirculating water chillers, cooling water circuit, cooling water recirculation system; terrorists heated processing device has a dry-thermostat, thermostat metals bath, heated mix scanner, micro-hole board heated oscillator, dry nitrogen, etc.; the company may, based on the customer's tailored to the needs of different instruments for the various experiments in demand to meet customer needs.


Jimmy Mano in a spirit of sincerity,", Science, Innovation The development concept, insist on the premise is the reform, quality is Eternal pursuits, we will ensure the quality of the products under the premise that the infusion of more and better performance and technology.